Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

march post

Hi folks,
omg, its march and I´m doing more art related stuff than I should do, so I might get in trouble with study...but, there´s always a way, isn´t it?!
random sketches:

 Actual I did this Jasmin flower for political reason. As a sign for solidary with chinese people, but now I feel like this is not the right way to say what i really think. First of all, I think, we have to look at our own. Perhaps, what can I do in my neighbourhood or something like more focused on the microcosm. I´m not happy with all the things happening in the world, but if we want to change anything, I think, we first have to change ourselves and what is around us. Perhaps you´ll tell me what you think?!
 Anothwer illu I did today, maybe another thing for threadless? We´ll see...
 And I finished one of the tron ispired skletches, yeah! Never thought I would; at this point thanks to Lew , who wished I do.
Hope you enjoyed! I´m always happy for your feedback ;)