Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

October ´11

Just a small update.
Me -__-

This was a exercise to draw a charming sweet guy.
Next monday my new study (design) will start, I´m curious. 
I´ll tell you about soon...
Thanks for stopping by!

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

September 2.0

A little Sketch, colored.

Another me.

For a collaboration with a friend (-->visit! of mine. 
Its about this song (which I really love a lot...<3)

Montag, 5. September 2011


Just a small update <3

finished taht right now.
and here a very small bunch of sketches (i´m busy with other things atm).


Montag, 11. Juli 2011

July, i´m back... least I first had to finish my exams. This took me a while...
And I didn´t a lot of sketching or drawing in the last two month.
So for now, just a little update to let you see, I´m alive!

Sasuke sketch, really enjoy the naruto shippuden anime atm

This was for a friend "bucks and hen night", for a shirt print. she liked it a lot!

Thats all for now, I hope to let you see more next time.

Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

April 2nd

Thanks SO much for your supercool and helping tutorial Lisa!!!!
She was so kind and showed me in a small tutorial how to do gif animations ^^
I´m a happy girl right now for that. Hopefully she´ll show you all the tutorial!
Here are my first steps (from last hour ;)
click on it to see it moving...
hmmm, a little slower and...

 And of course some new sketches from sketchbook:
Thought about a one piece fan art...
 Last but not least: Thanks for drop in and "Hello" to new followers, hope you enjoy!

Montag, 4. April 2011

a nightmare, a cake and a lottery

Hello there!
Today I´ve got some new self-portaits... old flyer I made for a splatter party...

...another I did for my own party...
(First I made these pattern on the right and then I had the idea for the flyer)

 ...and on this party some nice backery things were going on!
My sister shot some photos! It was such a fun baking all this, but I failed a little -___- 
(Yes, it looks good...)
At least I wanted to thank Martin Rybacki for giving away these wonderful print 
for dear Affenmonster for winning this awesome postcard a while ago!!
I made a photo of the room where those cool gifts ended.
It always makes me happy to see them, because I love to see other art on my walls than mine!
 And because these gifts made me so happy, I´ll give away this pair of earrings I made plus a little sketch; 
on it whatever the winner wishes to have to. 
If you like to join the lottery 
leave a comment 
and I will choose a winner by lot at 20.04.2011
EDIT: european only, please;
Thanks for looking by! Hope you enjoyed!

Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

march post

Hi folks,
omg, its march and I´m doing more art related stuff than I should do, so I might get in trouble with study...but, there´s always a way, isn´t it?!
random sketches:

 Actual I did this Jasmin flower for political reason. As a sign for solidary with chinese people, but now I feel like this is not the right way to say what i really think. First of all, I think, we have to look at our own. Perhaps, what can I do in my neighbourhood or something like more focused on the microcosm. I´m not happy with all the things happening in the world, but if we want to change anything, I think, we first have to change ourselves and what is around us. Perhaps you´ll tell me what you think?!
 Anothwer illu I did today, maybe another thing for threadless? We´ll see...
 And I finished one of the tron ispired skletches, yeah! Never thought I would; at this point thanks to Lew , who wished I do.
Hope you enjoyed! I´m always happy for your feedback ;)

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

me and so...

Not much to say today,
hope you´ll enjoy...

 ...self-portraits, I did...

...and a little illustration I did...
Have a nice day everyone!!

Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

About blogging and new sketches, wips...

Hello out there,

I really begin to love blogging! Therefor are a two main reasons. First one is, that you have really a big choise of options to design your blog in your taste. Second and main reason is the community. So, there is not really a community like on DA or other social-websites, but a small group of bloggers are interested in what other art-blogger do. Its not this stupid "I´ll give you a comment and you need to give me one back"-thing, its just real interest for each other! For my part, I like that!
Really wanna know whats your opinion about that topic! Tell me!

Watched Tron:Legacy these days and the design blowed me away! Feeled like I spend my money for real entertainment! But yes, the story was crap! So you could have made an awesome story out of the story stuff there was given, but disneys failed at that point ;___;
Made some inspired "works" (all WIP, don´t know, if I finish them...)

 And here some (stupid) work I`m really NOT going to finish and a study with photoreference:
Another WIP I will finish:
 And some sketches from my sketchbook
Thanks to Iru for inspiration on kissing scenes with a panel in his webcomic (love this kiss <3). And another moment of inspiration goes to this post and this pic, thanks Maren!
Last but not least a little salute to the new followers! Thanks for coming by and watching this!

Montag, 31. Januar 2011

A bunch of sketches

Hello out there!

I looked through my sketches from the last mounths and found a bunch of sketches, that I could show you. The most sketches are just doodles, so random, using no ref, just for fun.
And here more conceptual/recent things/ideas I did (but also just for fun ;)

Here some Christmas present I did last year, all with ref, of course:

EDIT: ATTENTION PLEASE! I changed my blog adress!

Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

Another threadless design

Hi there!

This idea came to me yesterday, when I was stayed in bed!
Please vote for me again, if you like it!

The upload on Threadless:

Other versions

This design is a lttle similar to Tienchen Earrings I made. You can take a look at them here:

Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Happy New Year! (again--wtf?!!)

Hello dear friends out there, most of you I don´t know in person ;), but I wish you all the best for 2011! 2010 was like "Oh, it starts?!" and a second later "What? Its New Year´s Eve?!"

This will be the hardest year ever! I´ll have to write my diploma in education for the next 6 month (its about the films of kubrik and education, yeah, I know your thoughts, but in some points this theme fits...If you have any suggestions about that, PLEASE let me know). And then the oral examinations XO the hardest thing of ALL!!

But after this odyssey, there will be a superfantastic time full of art!! Last year in October I passed a qualifying examination at a design university! And the study will be starting, just when I finished my exam!

So, till October there will be a "rare-art-time". But I´ll use even now every free second for drawing to relax myself (so there will be more senseless doodle fun to see...). But for this year I´ll try to post one "article" once a month.

I promised some koala stuff, but that will be shown at the next post (hopefully).

For now: my "Happy New Year" pic, a little late ;)

And a little making-of of that one:

A practice for skin and light.


me (very quick one; about one hour)