Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

About blogging and new sketches, wips...

Hello out there,

I really begin to love blogging! Therefor are a two main reasons. First one is, that you have really a big choise of options to design your blog in your taste. Second and main reason is the community. So, there is not really a community like on DA or other social-websites, but a small group of bloggers are interested in what other art-blogger do. Its not this stupid "I´ll give you a comment and you need to give me one back"-thing, its just real interest for each other! For my part, I like that!
Really wanna know whats your opinion about that topic! Tell me!

Watched Tron:Legacy these days and the design blowed me away! Feeled like I spend my money for real entertainment! But yes, the story was crap! So you could have made an awesome story out of the story stuff there was given, but disneys failed at that point ;___;
Made some inspired "works" (all WIP, don´t know, if I finish them...)

 And here some (stupid) work I`m really NOT going to finish and a study with photoreference:
Another WIP I will finish:
 And some sketches from my sketchbook
Thanks to Iru for inspiration on kissing scenes with a panel in his webcomic (love this kiss <3). And another moment of inspiration goes to this post and this pic, thanks Maren!
Last but not least a little salute to the new followers! Thanks for coming by and watching this!


  1. aw, I'd love to see a finished Tron-illus of you, the sketches look great already *tronlegacyfan*

  2. i like your sketches, its so powerfull

  3. Thanks to you both!
    @Lew: I´ll try to ;D