Montag, 31. Januar 2011

A bunch of sketches

Hello out there!

I looked through my sketches from the last mounths and found a bunch of sketches, that I could show you. The most sketches are just doodles, so random, using no ref, just for fun.
And here more conceptual/recent things/ideas I did (but also just for fun ;)

Here some Christmas present I did last year, all with ref, of course:

EDIT: ATTENTION PLEASE! I changed my blog adress!


  1. Wow, deine Skizzen sind wirklich schön und dein Strich immer freier :D du steckst echt voller Ideen!

  2. Tolle Sachen! Sind auch perspektivisch wirklich interesante Sachen dabei!

  3. How to put it...
    Your sketches are awesome! How come I never saw that side of your art! OxO I'm really impressed! TuT

  4. @Christiane und Affenmonster:
    Tausend Dank! Das baut mich auf! Gerade, wenn man mal wieder Selbstzweifel hat...

    @Lokine: Merci, merci, merci, quelle suprise! Okay, thats all I can say in French, well, thats even more I really can say...
    Happy to found your blog! Its so cool! Going to link it now!

  5. lol xD "merci quelle surprise!"! De rien.
    How could you forget about french, though? TvT That makes me really sad.
    And it was my pleasure to link you. *o* And it's easier to find your blog afterward. Huhuhu *o*