Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Happy New Year! (again--wtf?!!)

Hello dear friends out there, most of you I don´t know in person ;), but I wish you all the best for 2011! 2010 was like "Oh, it starts?!" and a second later "What? Its New Year´s Eve?!"

This will be the hardest year ever! I´ll have to write my diploma in education for the next 6 month (its about the films of kubrik and education, yeah, I know your thoughts, but in some points this theme fits...If you have any suggestions about that, PLEASE let me know). And then the oral examinations XO the hardest thing of ALL!!

But after this odyssey, there will be a superfantastic time full of art!! Last year in October I passed a qualifying examination at a design university! And the study will be starting, just when I finished my exam!

So, till October there will be a "rare-art-time". But I´ll use even now every free second for drawing to relax myself (so there will be more senseless doodle fun to see...). But for this year I´ll try to post one "article" once a month.

I promised some koala stuff, but that will be shown at the next post (hopefully).

For now: my "Happy New Year" pic, a little late ;)

And a little making-of of that one:

A practice for skin and light.


me (very quick one; about one hour)

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