Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

April 2nd

Thanks SO much for your supercool and helping tutorial Lisa!!!!
She was so kind and showed me in a small tutorial how to do gif animations ^^
I´m a happy girl right now for that. Hopefully she´ll show you all the tutorial!
Here are my first steps (from last hour ;)
click on it to see it moving...
hmmm, a little slower and...

 And of course some new sketches from sketchbook:
Thought about a one piece fan art...
 Last but not least: Thanks for drop in and "Hello" to new followers, hope you enjoy!

Montag, 4. April 2011

a nightmare, a cake and a lottery

Hello there!
Today I´ve got some new self-portaits... old flyer I made for a splatter party...

...another I did for my own party...
(First I made these pattern on the right and then I had the idea for the flyer)

 ...and on this party some nice backery things were going on!
My sister shot some photos! It was such a fun baking all this, but I failed a little -___- 
(Yes, it looks good...)
At least I wanted to thank Martin Rybacki for giving away these wonderful print 
for dear Affenmonster for winning this awesome postcard a while ago!!
I made a photo of the room where those cool gifts ended.
It always makes me happy to see them, because I love to see other art on my walls than mine!
 And because these gifts made me so happy, I´ll give away this pair of earrings I made plus a little sketch; 
on it whatever the winner wishes to have to. 
If you like to join the lottery 
leave a comment 
and I will choose a winner by lot at 20.04.2011
EDIT: european only, please;
Thanks for looking by! Hope you enjoyed!