Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Gameboy forever

Hallo to everybody out there!
The last days I spend all my creative energy to a special birthday present for a special friend! And it has paid off! He was lucky and speachless!
I don´t know any person, who loves more Nintendo than him. Especially the old stuff, Gameboy, NES,... His collection is massive!
When I think about gameboy I think about my childhood in cars! I got a gameboy really early, 1989 or 1990. Of friend of my parents gave it to me, it was a gameboy directly from Japan. I had so much fun with it! Today this gameboy is lost T___T But I like to play from time to time a little bit...

Anyway, I like how the pic comes out, and I´m a little proud of all the detail work! It´s a little strange, but I liked to work on all the details. Will see in what direction this fact will bring me...

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

polymer clay fun

Long time no see! I was a little stressed with all these "noarmal life things". So much to do! Did a portfolio for an art-university, hard work. Did some other stuff for my running study. Painted and draw some random stuff in my free time and began to love to do some handicraft work with polymer clay!

Here are some examples:

If you like some, you could get it here: sweets and fruits

Here´s some unfinished random stuff, brrr, I´m not soo happy with these...
Anybody out there got some tips?? What could I do better? Perhaps with the color concept?

These two pics I never showed anywhere, I think. Enjoy!

Before I leave: Thanks and Hello to the new followers!