Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Gameboy forever

Hallo to everybody out there!
The last days I spend all my creative energy to a special birthday present for a special friend! And it has paid off! He was lucky and speachless!
I don´t know any person, who loves more Nintendo than him. Especially the old stuff, Gameboy, NES,... His collection is massive!
When I think about gameboy I think about my childhood in cars! I got a gameboy really early, 1989 or 1990. Of friend of my parents gave it to me, it was a gameboy directly from Japan. I had so much fun with it! Today this gameboy is lost T___T But I like to play from time to time a little bit...

Anyway, I like how the pic comes out, and I´m a little proud of all the detail work! It´s a little strange, but I liked to work on all the details. Will see in what direction this fact will bring me...


  1. beautiful use of those patterns!
    I think that's a very well done illustration :D

  2. First of all: I love ya blog

    Second (and most important): Thank u sooooo much for this present!!!! I'm thinking about, getting the Game Boy patterns as a tattoo over my whole leg (ya know, I want to have my legs covered with Big-N stuff^^)

    Last one: Huuuuuugs