Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Drawing, drawing, drawing,...

Here´s a little preview of a project I´m working on.
When its ready, I´ll show it here, so be curious!

And here are some sketches from the last days:
Rukia and Ichigo from bleach.

Some female characters, ...

Okay this is a pairing with a little story. It´s about the strange ways of love and how somebody loves an other. Not everybody shows love in the same way ore feels the same way, even, we are all different, but these two perhaps are too different. Or exactly thats the way of their love...

Little Kitty, I never tryed that Mangastyle before...

A very fast watercolor portait of my sister.

And some older sketches, like from the two last month.

Thanks for watching guys!
I´m very happy if someone writes his opinion, or just say, if you like, dislike it.
I never know if someone watches my blog at all, except for the watchers!

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  1. Thanks for follow! ^___^
    Your drawings are amazing!
    Great works!